1. acehotel:

    Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake that devastated the northeastern coast of Japan, killing over 19,000 people and resulting in a nuclear crisis. We can’t express enough our love and empathy for our friends in Japan as the world marks this moment in history. The strength, perseverance and creativity the people of Japan have demonstrated over the past year humbles us beyond words.

    You can donate money directly to relief efforts in Japan by purchasing our tees with Ace New York artist Kenzo Minami and Japanese surfer and artist Yusuke Hanai — one hundred percent of the sales go to The Real Medicine Foundation. Cash donations are also more than welcome on their website.

    One good way to support is just to send a lot of love over the sea.

    A man watches as his paper lantern, lit in commemoration of the victims of last year’s earthquake and tsunami, floats away on the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. By Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images.

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